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“Sladky approved” Goulash

So we wanted to bike ride with Ian this afternoon and attend church at 5pm. We needed a large, warm, mid-afternoon meal, preferably one that used chicken stock. This Goulash Casserole was an inspiration from my Bavarian friend Annemarie Zach. She recommended mixing beef and pork goulash plus hamburger meats and 1 Flasche Schaschliksoβe. I used what I had on hand and it turned out amazing – feel free to experiment with ingredients, and as Annemarie says, this recipe is perfect for entertaining when you want to impress!

Goulash Casserole

I greased up a large Casserole dish with 1-2tbsp butter
& then added:
800grams goulash-quality pork
1 whole butcher’s onion (a heck of a lot of onion) cut really thin using slicer
3 orange sweet bell peppers, washed, deseeded, & hand-sliced
1 lb package ground buffalo
1 package or 10 slices smoked thinly-sliced italian ham (I used casa modena), diced or speck
600ml chicken stock

This cooked for just under 3 hours, covered, at 250 degrees Celsius (482F)

My son & I didn’t need a starch with this meal, but I made Kartoffel Kloβ (potato dumplings) for my husband. Remember to minimize your starchy food (potato, rice, bread) intake if you are trying to cut fat weight.


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