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Raising the Bar on Personal Expectation


Although I am not teaching class at Ramstein over the winter, I can still provide CrossFit WOD scaling assistance to folks who would like something other than what BrandX provides for scaling recommendations. I really encourage you to first try BrandX, however. Improvement will continue to be rapid for you, just as you experienced during class – I guarantee that within 6 months all of you will be able to do many CrossFit workouts as prescribed. Start keeping a workout log to track your personal progress. Use the CrossFit forum (under the Message Board link), and add each other (& me) as friends so that you will receive instant email alerts following updates. Posting publicly keeps you accountable for workouts & allows you to build a virtual support group, even if you are unable to physically exercise as a group!

But now, I have my toddler in my lap and am working split-screen (I’m on the blog-editor while he watches his “Ian-videos”) and this isn’t even half as productive as it sounds…so without further ado, today’s workout follows:

Benchmark Workout
45 reps each, pullups, pushups, situps (abmat or janda holding ball to butt with heels), & squats – preferably finish all pullups before proceeding to pushups, etc (rather than doing 10 of each, for example).

Your previous benchmark workout was 35 reps of each – the times I have on record for the folks who were present follow:
L: 10:17
C: 12:23
M: 12:52
E: 9:10
I believe that you can match these times despite the increased reps! Push yourselves & let me know how it goes.


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