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Malocclusion, Your Required Reading

I read through Dr. Stephan Guyenet’s Malocclusion Series recently, and it inspired immediate purchase of the Dentistar pacifier, made by Novatex (he emphasizes that has no connection with the company). If you follow my link, you can get a short summary of his research and conclusions at the top of the page – required reading for all parents of kids from prenatal-age to 17-years, as far as I’m concerned. Afterwards, you might just be sufficiently inspired to become a regular reader of Dr. Guyenet. He provides insightful analysis of cutting-edge as well as historical nutritional research, and he refreshingly continues to assess critically his own conclusions (You can count on him NOT to patron “Paleo” and “Primal” dieting without support of sufficient independent research). He advocates avoidance of sugar, industrial seed oils, and refined grains (“It probably has nothing to do with the glycemic index, it’s because they’re empty calories and wheat contains gluten which is immunogenic. Grain fiber needs to be treated properly by soaking and/or fermentation followed cooking to remove lectins, phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors, tannins, etc. Most traditional cultures got rid of a portion of the bran/germ if they could by sifting, straining, and pounding”). “White rice is better than white flour but it’s a one-way ticket to deficiency diseases if you eat too much”, he says (and I can attest definitively that my personal health (N=1) has changed radically just since I started following this advice – I stopped eating grains (bread/pasta, even oatmeal), sugar & sweeteners, as well as industrial seed oils, and I stopped preparing them for my family).

So back to the pacifier conundrum: our son still uses his pacifier while he sleeps, but I think we may try to take it from him on his 3rd birthday (March), as appalling as that sounds. I won’t deny I may get cold feet! We’ve been brainwashing him daily to convince him that pacifiers (“Nuks”) are for babies, and that when he reaches 3 he will truly be a big boy. Of course we will gift him with a highly-desired comfort item on the same day which hopefully he will eventually accept as a substitute. Will it work? It will certainly be painful. What worked for you?


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