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Excerpt from my letter to First Lady Michelle Obama, so challenging to cut to less than 2,500 characters:

Dear First Lady Michelle Obama,

I love your Let’s Move initiative! I’m currently an unemployed military housewife living overseas (so maybe implausibly), I believe I have important input regarding your Making Healthy Choices objective.

One of the crucial areas that should be identified for reform regards reporting Nutritional research. At minimum, visible to the general public, full disclosure in layman’s terms:

1. Clear details concerning the research’s potential implications. The majority of nutritional research is accomplished through epidemiology/observation studies (EOS) which are intended to establish hypotheses for further study & DON’T prove causation. It becomes a huge threat of public health to allow the media, study authors, & large corporations with substantial marketing budgets to sensationalize hypothesis in these EOS studies to infer they “prove” ramifications for individual health. Misuse of epidemiological reports caused the 2002 estrogen therapy debacle. It is now a question of when & who will be harmed the next instance.

2. Clearly demarcate any potential for bias as well as conflicts of interest, including providing details on who funds the study & scientists’ prior research. My grandmother’s doctor placed her on a cholesterol-lowering statin with no history of heart disease. High cholesterol has never been proven to cause heart disease. All evidence shows statins will do nothing to lengthen her life & have many potential serious side effects. Many doctors assert statin research involves eager-patient effect: perfectly healthy patients who want to do all they can to prevent heart disease ask their doctor for a statin & help inflate its “success” in prevention.

My undergrad is in Exercise & Health Science, but I’ve researched nutritional science only since becoming a mom. Cancer killed my older brother & permanently disabled my younger brother. Like you, I realized that the health of my family depends on proper nutrition & establishing healthy habits.

We must revalue what science perhaps has already taught us to avoid the possibility that something was exaggerated, overlooked, or misreported. We need to eliminate ANY potential for conflict of interest in American dietary recommendations. I believe in your cause & in your Presidential Team, God bless you both & long live our children.

A research scientist and a medical doctor both offer much more exhaustive detail on the same topic here and here if your interest has been piqued.

If you doubt my statement regarding high cholesterol never being proven to cause heart disease please read my blog entry here. The subject hit the mainstream again just last week at MSNBC.


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