Military Family, Food, & Fitness Fenestrations

Raising the Bar on Personal Expectation


The US Army branched me Signal Corps irrationally following completion of my Health and Exercise Science undergraduate degree at Wake Forest University. I spent five years in the Army paying back my college tuition, and nearly seven years in Information Technology before I reached the Army Civilian rank of GS-12. My life revolved around work and I loved it that way: I was challenged and usually successful at convincing my customers that I was very important.

Then in March 2007, we had our first child Ian. I had quit work two months prior, but was still fielding daily work-related emails and was wrapping up a Tots in Tow crusade I’d launched on behalf of Bamberg’s military families. After Ian’s birth my work backpack, which was at one time inseparable from my back and was still chock-full of screaming personal deadlines and unfinished projects, sat untouched for seven months before I opened it for the purpose of finding a working pen.

Now I am full-time Ian’s mom and Drake’s wife, expatriate in Germany. I provide personal fitness training, internet design services, and English translation services when my family’s schedule permits. I love my new outlook on life, and share insights on this forum.


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