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Kills me not to be there while you guys work out this morning, but hopefully you can understand the following details of what I’d planned to give you – this is a perfect “season-ender workout” (you might have seen this on the CrossFit main site and known it was coming)! Try to at least achieve the “puppies” recommendation on the BrandX Scaling Table (it follows). Do 5 Burpees, 5 stage-dips to warm up then arm rotations. Take the stretchy-bands found in the corner with the balls and work arms overhead and back. No more than 5 minutes active stretching – don’t lose track of time talking – get to the workout!

Pullup/HSPU Challenge
Equipment needed: Blue floor mat (remains folded) & ballerina bar/fluidity bar. Do not put ballerina bar/fluidity bar on black mat (it could potentially tear mat…the last couple times I placed the bar just inside the wrestling room along the wall). For time:
21 Pull-ups
21 Handstand Push-ups
15 Pull-ups
15 Handstand Push-ups
9 Pull-ups
9 Handstand Push-ups
Handstand push-ups are “nose to floor” rather than crown of head to floor – put your knees on the blue mat – the closer your hands are to the mat, the better (harder) the workout. Stack some steps (found in the corner by the music) higher if the mats don’t challenge you!
During pullups, try to keep legs straight on floor and experiment even with supporting their weight (L-pullups) once or more each set. End with 2-3 sets of core-bridging (try for 30 seconds on elbows and toes, then sides 15-second hold). Take your time stretching arms again to finish. Really wish I could be there with you guys this morning – enjoy the holiday season & beautiful snow!



Although I am not teaching class at Ramstein over the winter, I can still provide CrossFit WOD scaling assistance to folks who would like something other than what BrandX provides for scaling recommendations. I really encourage you to first try BrandX, however. Improvement will continue to be rapid for you, just as you experienced during class – I guarantee that within 6 months all of you will be able to do many CrossFit workouts as prescribed. Start keeping a workout log to track your personal progress. Use the CrossFit forum (under the Message Board link), and add each other (& me) as friends so that you will receive instant email alerts following updates. Posting publicly keeps you accountable for workouts & allows you to build a virtual support group, even if you are unable to physically exercise as a group!

But now, I have my toddler in my lap and am working split-screen (I’m on the blog-editor while he watches his “Ian-videos”) and this isn’t even half as productive as it sounds…so without further ado, today’s workout follows:

Benchmark Workout
45 reps each, pullups, pushups, situps (abmat or janda holding ball to butt with heels), & squats – preferably finish all pullups before proceeding to pushups, etc (rather than doing 10 of each, for example).

Your previous benchmark workout was 35 reps of each – the times I have on record for the folks who were present follow:
L: 10:17
C: 12:23
M: 12:52
E: 9:10
I believe that you can match these times despite the increased reps! Push yourselves & let me know how it goes.

Free Training…Invitation

I will teach my last fitness class on the 17th of December. Not only is my husband’s automobile unreliable, it has no winter tires. We are saving to purchase a car next year Feb/Mar time frame, and therefore don’t plan on wasting money on tires we will only get to drive a few months. Continuing to make the Tuesday/Thursday drive to Ramstein over winter is impossible.

The good news is, I am willing to provide free training for military spouses from my home in Waldfischbach this winter!! I do the workout one day earlier than the workout of the day found on the CrossFit homepage, so you will always know what to expect. I will supervise and assist you with childcare during your workout, and will scale it appropriately (BrandX provides scaled workouts for the CrossFit WOD). Please let me know if you are interested, so that I can arrange times for the group (daily if necessary) that are acceptable.

Today’s workout:
Complete as many rounds as possible 20 minutes of:
15 Double-unders
15 AbMat (or ball-clenched) Sit-ups
15 Back extensions (can lay down on belly and lift arms/heels)

For those of you not in class last Tuesday, we discussed training for a run (10k or less in length) sometime next spring in March/April time frame. I will try to find out when the next race is that’s sponsored by MWR or Youth Services. Next year on 2 May in Kaiserslautern there is a Half-Marathon run which allows time for feasible progression if anyone is interested. I will supply a training plan, training assistance, and even childcare (when I can) here in Waldfischbach to anyone interested in training for these races! I trained for my second Ironman distance race using a babystroller with my 45lb dog inside (long story). I finished the marathon (at the end of the Ironman) in 4 hours flat.

For anyone who wants a starting benchmark, this weekend on 29 November there is a Weihnachtsmarktlauf (Christmas market run) in Landstuhl. The cost is 6 euro and the distance is 7.6km (just under 5 miles) – you must signup before 11am on race day to participate.